CHEM 4503 (Fall 2021)

Introduction to biocomputing in the pharmaceutical industry. Topics include molecular modeling, rational drug design, high throughput screening and combinatorial chemistry, protein modeling and 3D bioinformatics. Course includes lectures and a computer laboratory component.

Due to covid-19, CHEM 4503 “Biocomputing in Drug Design” will be taught in dual delivery mode in Fall 2021: All lectures will be in-person (MWF, Toole 303) and all Wednesday labs will be conducted off-campus.

The lecture component of this course may be broadcast via MS Teams. For the lab component of this course, students must have access to a PC/Mac computer (or laptop) with a 3-button scroll-wheel mouse as well as administrator privileges to install course specific software (Molecular Operating Environment, MOE). System requirements: Windows (Vista/7/8/10), MacOS (10.7 and higher).

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