Welcome to Deslongchamps.ca, the home of Dr. Ghislain Deslongchamps, Professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of New Brunswick. This is the main portal to my teaching, research, and chemical education activities.

The teaching section links to the various courses I am currently teaching.

The research section describes my current research activities as well as the collaborative development of the bent bonds / antiperiplanar hypothesis (BBAH) and the BBAH Blog with Prof. Pierre Deslongchamps.

The chemical education section describes my work in visualization in chemical education including:

Organic ChemWare, a collection of 235 HTML5-compliant interactive animations for teaching and learning organic chemistry. ChemWare bridges the gap between the static imagery of textbooks and the dynamic world of organic chemistry, and is designed to help students learn organic chemistry while redefining the lecture experience.
A subset has been integrated into “Organic Chemistry – Mechanistic patterns“, 1st Ed. and is available from the text companion site (ISBN 0176822925).

Organic Chemistry – mechanistic patterns, (Ogilvie, Ackroyd, Browning, Deslongchamps, Lee, Sauer, 1st Ed., Nelson Education, 2017, ISBN 017650026-X) is the first introductory organic chemistry title that is designed with a mechanistic approach from the ground up, which has proven to achieve a deeper understanding of chemical reactivity.