CHEM 4513Medicinal Chemistry Seminars3 ch (3C)

3 ch (3C). Selected Topics in Medicinal Chemistry. Note that enrolment is limited to students in the Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, and Biology-Chemistry Comprehensive programs (Majors and Honours). Students in other programs must obtain permission from the instructor to register for this course.
PrerequisitesCHEM 3421 and CHEM 3523.

CHEM 4523Medicinal Chemistry3 ch (3C)

An introduction to medicinal chemistry. Sample topics include the drug discovery process, the medicinal chemistry of enzymes, receptors, and nucleic acids, as well as modern experimental and computational approaches to drug design. Chemical aspects of current protein and nucleic acids tools will also be covered. Prerequisites: BIOL 2033, CHEM 3421 and CHEM 3422.