Organic ChemWare is a collection of 234 HTML5-compliant interactive animations for teaching and learning organic chemistry. ChemWare bridges the gap between the static imagery of textbooks and the dynamic world of organic chemistry, and is designed to help students learn organic chemistry while redefining the lecture experience. This stand-alone product will be available mid-2022.

185 ChemWare animations are currently integrated into the eTextbook “Organic Chemistry – Mechanistic Patterns“, 2nd Ed., Top Hat, 2021, ISBN-13: 9781774940419.

Organic ChemWare covers the following topics:

  • Lewis Structures
  • Curved arrow notation
  • Reaction mechanisms
  • Orbital interactions
  • Conformational analysis
  • Stereochemistry
  • 1H/13C NMR

Sample Organic ChemWare (click images for demos):

Localized Molecular Orbital Explorer: Ethene
Localized molecular orbital explorer

Substitution at carbonyl
Reaction Mechanism
Conformational analysis